High Standards for your Best Friend's Wellbeing

A deep dive into our rigorous quality and testing practices


Each Dog-DOK is rigorously inspected twice - Once by our team of QC engineers and once by our certified 3rd party inspectors

  • Each Dog DOK is individually inflated for 2+ days to monitor for leaks. This process is repeated for a total of 2 times.
  • Each ramp is stress tested via a static load test to ensure that it can withstand 230 lbs +

All handles & D-rings undergo rigorous pull tests


The TigerToes are inspected by our QC engineers as well as a full 2-day inspection by certified 3rd party inspectors

Each batch of TigerToes undergo:

  • Seam strength testing
  • Elastic recovery testing
  • Adhesive testing
  • Symmetry testing
  • Needle Damage check
  • Textile rubbing
  • Odor checking