DOK TigerToes Premium Non-Slip Dog Socks

Grippy Steps, Happy Pets - The Ultimate Blend of Traction, Comfort, and Style!

  • Each set of TigerToes contains 4 socks
  • Designed in USA and patent pending design
  • 360 degrees of traction nearly eliminates slippery areas
  • Button free straps so you never have to worry about sores
  • Great for dog paw licking
Color: Grey
Size: XXS
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A dog with amputed leg wearing the TigerToes dog grip socks

These socks are a must fortripawds

These socks have been a (quality-of-) lifesaver for my dog since he had to have his leg amputated due to bone cancer. He got used to the socks very quickly and they are the only way he can navigate our vinyl flooring without slipping and falling.

Senior dog on tile that has gotten their mobility back and is wearing the dog grip socks on the back two legs

PERFECT for my senior baby girl!!!

I rarely leave reviews but this product knocked my S socks offO (lol). They have really improved my senior dogs mobilitv.

Sweet old dog laying on laminate flooring while wearing the TigerToes anti slip dog socks

Life changing for my Seniorboy!

I'll start by saving I've tried EVERYTHING I can get my hands on to help my 14 YO German Shep navigate our vinyl plank floors. His back legs have deteriorated so much over the last vear that he could barely stand up, let alone walk. Enter TigerToes socks - absolutely brilliant design!

An old dog on hardwood flooring that is wearing TigerToes dog grip socks

Perfect for my senior dog

Our 11 year old was having a whole lot of slipping issues with the flooring of our new home. We thought she would eventually figure out how to walk on the floor like our 3 year old did. But one night she slipped and was limping around for a little while.

St. Bernard that has gotten their mobility back on the tile floors while wearing TigerToes dog socks

Worth it!!

Khaleesi used to look like a cartoon character when running through our tiled house trying to play. Today Amazon delivered her Tiger Toes and she loves to be running through the house without slipping nOw!

Labrador Retriever wearing dog grip socks instead of cone to prevent dog licking his paws

Worked really well

Our golden retriever lost the whole casing to his toenail & kept licking it. Regrowing the whole nail was going to take a least a month 50 we needed to find a better solution than a cone collar. These dog socks worked so well we bought another package since we were going on an extended trip.

Small senior dog on hardwood floor that is wearing the TigerToes dog traction socks

Wonderful for our geriatricdog

Our 17 vear old was slipping on our hardwood floors and so we purchased this product. It's amazing and he is able to ambulate without slipping and go up the one steps he needs to. He isn't chewing or trying to bite them off either. We are happy with this purchase!

an old golden retriever that can no walk all over the house with the TigerToes dog no slip socks

The best purchase !!!!

We adopted an 10 year old golden retriever with bad hips. She was scared to walk around the house because she slipped and fell all over the house because of the wood floors. She wouldn't move from by the door... now she wears these all the time

old dog with lower hind mobility issues that is no able to walk because of TigerToes traction socks for senior dogs

Best grippy socks we havefound

My sweet 10 year old dog had herniated discs in his back and his backlegs are not very coordinated any longer. We have hard wood floors in most of our house and he was constantly falling. We tried other socks but they fell off or spun around and the grippy was only on one side.

small old dog wearing TigerToes non skid dog socks on hardwood floors

Very good socks

The fit was perfect my dog like them.

Patent-Pending Design

Intentionally Designed For Maximum Traction

TigerToes unique grip pattern is intentionally designed to give your pup 360 degrees of traction which nearly eliminates the slippery sides that can happen when dog grip socks twist.

Button Free

We Eliminated the Dangerous Buttons

Straps are permanently attached on TigerToes without the use of irritating buttons. Now you can have peace of mind that your dog grip socks won't wound or irritate them.

Extra-Thick Grip

3x More Grip* for Better Performance

Give them the grip they need without the weight of a heavy boot. The thick rubber stripes provide grip and protection while the sock design makes them easy to put on and take off.

*vs dog grip socks with grip on only one side

Measuring Guide

How to Get the Right Size in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Place their paw on a piece of paper
  2. Mark the edges of the widest part of the paw
  3. Measure the distance between the marks
  4. Write down the measurement

Find The Right Size For Your Dog

Use this fit guide to select the appropriate size for your dog. Measure across widest part of paw when bearing weight.

Size Chart

Paw Width

an illustrated dog that is sad because he has a bad case of dog paw licking

For Senior Dogs

Specifically created with senior pet owners in mind. Maximum traction on hardwood floors and other slippery surfaces make them the perfect socks for dogs with joint and mobility issues.

an illustrated dog constantly licking paws is now standing up and has healthy paws again

Patent Pending Design

These innovative dog grip socks are designed to give your senior pup traction no matter if they twist or tangle. The TigerToes are one of a kind!

an illustrated dog that is happily playing with it's dog toys because it is no longer dog foot licking


TigerToes work hard! Perfect for mobility, the TigerToes also help your pup with licking prevention, hot/cold pavement, floor protection, and more!

Big Labrador standing on hind legs that doesn't have dog foot licking problems anymore Dog is licking his paws but the TigerToes are preventing dog from licking paws dog feeding out of bowl while wearing dog grip socks that prevent dog from licking paws

Slipping & Falls

Intentionally Designed for Maximum Traction

TigerToes unique grip pattern is intentionally designed to give your pup 360 degrees of traction which nearly eliminates the slippery that can happen when dog grip socks twist.

Licking Prevention

Say Goodbye To Raw Paws

TigerToes are designed to keep your furry friend from licking their paws! These socks are the perfect solution for those seeking relief from excessive dog paw licking caused by allergies or injuries.

Hot & Cold Pavement

From Scorching Pavement to Frosty Walks

Our thick rubber grip provides a barrier between your dog's paw pads and the ground, defending them from extreme temperatures and rough terrain.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Melinda Lewis
Best ever!

My Lab is 14 yrs old and these socks have helped him walk confidently across hard wood floors and helped him grip to get up off of rugs and floors! They have helped him so much! Thank you!

Erin Bryant
Saved our dog’s life!

I am writing to extend my deepest gratitude for your product, Tiger Toes, which has truly been a lifesaver for our beloved 14-year-old Goldendoodle, Bear.

Bear developed a seizure disorder that led to significant deterioration in his leg muscles, making it incredibly difficult for him to stay on his feet. It was heartbreaking to watch our once lively and active companion struggle so much. We tried countless solutions, but nothing seemed to help. We feared that we were approaching the end of his journey.

Then we discovered Tiger Toes. The transformation in Bear has been nothing short of miraculous. Not only can he walk around confidently again, but he also has a newfound pep in his step. It’s as if we have our old Bear back, full of life and joy.

We are profoundly appreciative of your innovative product. Tiger Toes has given Bear a new lease on life and brought immense happiness to our family. Thank you for your dedication to creating such a remarkable product.

Kathi Mercy
Great product

This is our 2nd set. Using them to protect foot injury and they work well. The non-slip makes them great on my wood floors.
Love how easy they are to put on my 130# malamute with wide feet!!

Kristy Kraynak
Awesome product!

Marley is 17 1/2 yrs. Old. The Tiger Toes have been a game changer! He no longer slips or splays on the hard wood floors. I’m grateful for this product.

Tamatha Long
They stayed on! Gave my senior dog stability.

Got these thinking they were going to be like all the others, they were not. They stayed on. My senior dog, who's been having a hard time keeping her feet under her, was having no problem walking around. You could tell she was enjoying the new stability. Thank you .

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