Outdoor Tiger Toes

Grippy Steps, Happy Pets - The Ultimate Blend of Traction, Comfort, and Style!

  • Designed in USA and patent pending design
  • 360 degrees of traction nearly eliminates slippery areas
  • Button free straps so you never have to worry about sores
  • Extra-Thick grip for extra protection
  • Great for dog paw licking
Size: X-Small
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A dog with amputed leg wearing the TigerToes dog grip socks

They do help

I purchased these for my senior dog to help him with walking on my hardwood floors. They really have helped him get traction and keep his balance. I ordered based on the size chart and they fit him perfectly. I’m going to post a PSA about these types of boots because I haven't seem anyone else do it… these CANNOT be worn 24/7. Just in case someone out there has this idea. If you leave these style boots on your pet constantly you will give them trench foot or worse infections…. So be careful!

Easy to get on and off and stay secure!

I’ve bought other dog boots that are so difficult to get on my dog. Then we get outside and they fall off. These tiger toe outdoor booties are easy to slide on my girl’s paws and the double Velcro allows them to stay secure on our walks. She also wore them in the rain today and she was dry when we got inside! Highly recommend!

Love em!

T-Bone is 9 months old. Weighs 17 lbs.Medium fits perfectly. I bought 5 different types of booties to see what I liked best. I like these best cuz they go higher up the leg and strap on more securely. I can’t believe my puppy was so agreeable to wear them as of he hardly cared. I’m glad I don’t have to worry about burning feet this summer or freezing feet next winter.

Perfect fit and they stay on!

Protects pups feet. Perfect fit and they stay on! My dog wears them comfortably.

Stops dog from sliding

Great product. She's no longer slipping when going down or up stairs. She can walk on tile without falling. Glad I found them. Bought a medium and that fits her perfectly.

Snug to put on

Our golden retriever lost the whole casing to his toenail & kept licking it. Regrowing the whole nail was going to take a least a month 50 we needed to find a better solution than a cone collar. These dog socks worked so well we bought another package since we were going on an extended trip.

Great Protection For Your Dogs Paws

I like these neoprene booties and so does my dog Mika. They keep her paws protected on the gravel path we walk every day, and they are very easy to put on and take off. When they are on, they do not slip off at all. She feels more comfortable when she walks in the store where her paws would normally slip. I highly recommend this product and give it a solid 5-star rating.

Finally! A boot that stays on & keep feet dry

I've tried several doggie boots over the years with so-so success. Most of the problems were either about one or more booties flying off when she ran in the snow and the snow also would clump up between the velcro.I can say that with these boots both of those problems have disappeared! The photo shows her after over an hour of running pretty much nonstop in the snow.

Quality made

I went on a hunch and ordered a size larger than suggested. I’m glad I did because these fit perfect. I ordered an XL and I doing think a L would have fit. I have a different, more expensive, brand for my other dog and I actually like these better! The straps are stretchy making them stay put. I love this feature. The material is that off a wetsuit and it keeps their paws protected from ALL off the elements- wet, cold, heat, chemicals, and more. If you don’t have booties for your dog, or don’t have these booties, ORDER THESE!!

Patent-Pending Design

Intentionally Designed For Maximum Traction

TigerToes unique grip pattern is intentionally designed to give your pup 360 degrees of traction which nearly eliminates the slippery sides that can happen when dog grip socks twist.

Button Free

We Eliminated the Dangerous Buttons

Straps are permanently attached on TigerToes without the use of irritating buttons. Now you can have peace of mind that your dog grip socks won't wound or irritate them.

Extra-Thick Grip

3x More Grip* for Better Performance

Give them the grip they need without the weight of a heavy boot. The thick rubber stripes provide grip and protection while the sock design makes them easy to put on and take off.

*vs dog grip socks with grip on only one side

How to put on the dog grip socks, measure them, and a list of the benefits including dog paw licking

Measuring Guide

How to Get the Right Size in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Place their paw on a piece of paper
  2. Mark the edges of the widest part of the paw
  3. Measure the distance between the marks
  4. Write down the measurement

Find The Right Size For Your Dog

Use this fit guide to select the appropriate size for your dog. Measure across widest part of paw when bearing weight.

Size Chart

Paw Width

an illustrated dog that is sad because he has a bad case of dog paw licking

For Senior Dogs

Specifically created with senior pet owners in mind. Maximum traction on hardwood floors and other slippery surfaces make them the perfect socks for dogs with joint and mobility issues.

an illustrated dog constantly licking paws is now standing up and has healthy paws again

Patent Pending Design

These innovative dog grip socks are designed to give your senior pup traction no matter if they twist or tangle. The TigerToes are one of a kind!

an illustrated dog that is happily playing with it's dog toys because it is no longer dog foot licking


TigerToes work hard! Perfect for mobility, the TigerToes also help your pup with licking prevention, hot/cold pavement, floor protection, and more!

Big Labrador standing on hind legs that doesn't have dog foot licking problems anymore Dog is licking his paws but the TigerToes are preventing dog from licking paws dog feeding out of bowl while wearing dog grip socks that prevent dog from licking paws

Slipping & Falls

Intentionally Designed for Maximum Traction

TigerToes unique grip pattern is intentionally designed to give your pup 360 degrees of traction which nearly eliminates the slippery that can happen when dog grip socks twist.

Licking Prevention

Say Goodbye To Raw Paws

TigerToes are designed to keep your furry friend from licking their paws! These socks are the perfect solution for those seeking relief from excessive dog paw licking caused by allergies or injuries.

Hot & Cold Pavement

From Scorching Pavement to Frosty Walks

Our thick rubber grip provides a barrier between your dog's paw pads and the ground, defending them from extreme temperatures and rough terrain.

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